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Questions and Answers​

Do you need your carpets deep cleaned but have questions about the process? Our article tackles customers’ most common questions when hiring professional carpet cleaning services. Get the inside scoop on what to expect, how to choose a quality cleaner, and the costs involved. Read on to make an informed decision about revitalizing your carpets.

Professional cleaners deep clean carpets in a few key steps:

  • Vacuum thoroughly to remove surface dirt and debris
  • Apply a pre-treatment solution and work it into the fibers to loosen embedded dirt and stains
  • Rinse away pre-treatment using hot water extraction equipment
  • Perform an acid rinse to neutralize and remove detergent residues
  • Allow carpets to completely dry before walking on them again, usually 24 hours

How Long Should I Stay Off the Carpet After Cleaning?

Expect to stay off damp carpets for 4-8 hours as they dry. Factors like carpet material, thickness, and humidity levels affect drying time. Cleaners often use fans or air movers to cut down on drying time. Only walk on the carpets again once completely dry, typically within 24 hours. This prevents mold or mildew growth.

Average costs range from 20-50 cents per square foot depending on your area and the needed services. Prices increase for high-traffic areas needing extra cleaning, stain removal, or deodorizing. Reputable companies provide upfront estimates tailored to your specific requirements. Ask about discounts for bundling carpet cleaning with upholstery or tile services.

Avoid choosing a carpet cleaner based on low room rates alone. Cheap prices may indicate rushing the job, watering down solutions, or skipping steps like pre-treatment. Ask cleaners about their methods, solutions, and time allotted per room. Quality cleaners invest ample time to thoroughly clean carpets. Compare reviews and guarantees when choosing reasonably priced companies.

Manufacturers and professionals recommend hot water extraction (steam cleaning). Hot water removes embedded dirt, kills bacteria, and completely rinses away residue when done properly. Ensure companies use powerful truck-mounted units and wands for superior cleaning. Check manufacturer guidelines – some carpets require low moisture or dry cleaning methods.

Yes, vacuum thoroughly right before your cleaning appointment. This removes surface dirt, pet hair, and debris before deep cleaning begins. Any dirt removed via vacuuming won’t get pushed back into the carpet later. Make at least 1-2 vacuum passes over high-traffic areas. Alert cleaners to heavily soiled spots needing pre-treatment.

Get carpets deep cleaned every 12-18 months on average. Clean high-traffic areas more frequently, like every 6-12 months. Extend the time between professional cleanings by vacuuming twice a week, immediately spot-cleaning spills, and using entry mats. Professional cleaning every 6-12 months removes allergens and odors more effectively for homes with pets or allergy issues.

The best carpet cleaners have more than just strong vacuums – they’re truly invested in keeping your carpets fresh and clean. Look for IICRC certification, which ensures proper training and adherence to industry standards. Their online reviews should boast about eliminating stains, deodorizing, and attention to detail. Ask friends for referrals too. Once you have a few options, compare their cleaning methods, solutions used, guarantees and transparency about pricing. Little research goes a long way in finding a trustworthy detail-oriented cleaner.

Pet mishaps often seem hopeless, but professional cleaners have an arsenal of tricks to make carpets look and smell brand new again. An enzyme cleaner breaks down the urine crystals and sticky residues that the vacuum alone can’t combat. Aggressive rinsing lifts embedded debris you can’t see. Odor eliminators and antimicrobial treatments target high-traffic spots. The key is finding cleaners experienced in pet stain removal – don’t be shy to point out every single stain during your free inspection. Ask what solutions they’ll use for the best results. With proper attention, even old or heavy stains will be history.

If done right, professional cleaning is good for your carpets. Regular deep cleaning extends the life of carpets by keeping dirt and grime from wearing down fibers. The hot water extraction method is powerful yet gentle on carpets. Any cleaner worth hiring knows how to remove stains without over-saturating or causing damage. In fact, the biggest risks come from letting stains sit untouched for too long. Oils attract residue, and spills spread and set over time. Don’t panic about a few inevitable accidents and muddy paw prints – modern equipment and solutions clean carpets without weakening them when applied properly.

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