How much does carpet cleaning cost

Cost of Carpet Cleaning

If you want to maintain a clean and hygienic home, carpet cleaning is one of the first steps. Very often carpets accumulate dirt, stains, and allergens that regular vacuuming alone can’t effectively remove. If you’re considering having your carpets professionally cleaned, one of the first questions is, “How much does carpet cleaning cost?” So, in this article, we’ll explore the various factors that influence carpet cleaning costs and provide you with a better understanding of what to expect.

What Factors Affect Carpet Cleaning Costs?

When it comes to carpet cleaning, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The total cost may vary depending on either or a combination of the following factors:

Size of Your Carpet Area

The total square footage of the area which you need to clean is a determining factor when it comes to finalizing the carpet cleaning costs. Cleaning a small room will naturally be less expensive than cleaning a large living room or an entire house.

Carpet Type

Different types of carpets require different cleaning techniques. Delicate or specialty carpets may will involve more careful handling, affecting the cost. Stain-resistant or high-traffic carpets might also require specific treatment all of which translates to higher prices.

Cleaning Method

Steam cleaning (hot water extraction) and dry cleaning are probably the two most popular types of carpet cleaning. Steam cleaning is usually more thorough but may be more expensive. Dry cleaning can be quicker but less effective on deeply soiled carpets.

Types of Stains

The extent of staining and soiling is another factor impacting the total carpet cleaning costs. Heavily stained or extremely soiled carpets will require more effort and time to clean, potentially increasing the price.


Where you live also plays a role in determining the cost of carpet cleaning. Prices can vary significantly from one region to another due to differences in the cost of living and competition among cleaning companies.

Additional Services

Some carpet cleaning companies offer extra services, like stain removal, deodorizing, or carpet protection. These services come at an additional cost, so it’s essential to consider them when estimating the total expense.

Understanding Pricing Models

Carpet cleaning companies typically employ different pricing models, and you should be familiar with these pricing structures when obtaining quotes. Here are some common pricing approaches:

  1. Per Room

Many companies charge per room, making it easy to estimate the cost. On average, cost per room can range from $25 to $75. However, the size of the room may affect the final price.

  1. Per Square Foot

Some companies price their services based on the square footage of the area you need to clean, typically charging between 15 and 30 cents per square foot. The advantage of this model is that it’s more adaptable to different room sizes.

  1. Flat Rate

In some cases, companies offer a flat rate for their services. That may be advantageous for customers with various rooms of different sizes, as the price remains consistent.

  1. Hourly Rate

For more complex cleaning jobs or situations where extensive stain removal is required- companies assign hourly prices. The cost will depend on the time it takes to complete the job.

Additional Costs and Fees

When getting a carpet cleaning quote, it’s crucial to ask about any additional costs or fees associated with the service. Some additional costs and fees include:

Stain Removal

While standard cleaning services may address general dirt and grime, removal of specific stains can incur extra charges. The complexity and type of stain can influence the cost.


If you want your carpets deodorized to remove unpleasant odors, this is typically an add-on service that comes with its price tag.

Carpet Protection

Some companies offer carpet protection treatments that help to repel future stains and prolong the life of your carpet. This service often costs extra.

Furniture Moving

If you require furniture moved to access the carpet underneath, there might be an additional fee for this service.

Emergency Service

In case you need your carpets cleaned on short notice, especially on weekends or holidays, emergency service may be available at a higher cost.

Comparing Cleaning Methods

At this point, you probably know that different carpet cleaning methods have different costs. Understanding these methods can help you make the right decision about which one is best for your needs and budget. The two most common carpet cleaning methods are:

Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction)

Steam cleaning is a popular and effective method for deep cleaning carpets. It involves hot water and a cleaning solution, which is injected into the carpet and then extracted, along with dirt and grime. The high-temperature water helps kill bacteria and allergens in the carpet.

This is a thorough cleaning method, effective at removing deep stains and allergens. The biggest takeaway is that it doesn’t leave chemical residues. The prices of steam cleaning, however, are on the higher side. The method also involves a longer drying time.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning methods involve cleaning compounds or powders that are spread on the carpet’s surface. These compounds are agitated and vacuumed away, along with the dirt and grime. Dry cleaning is a faster option but may not provide as deep a clean as steam cleaning.

Comparing Professional and DIY Cleaning

While some homeowners may consider tackling carpet cleaning themselves using rental machines or store-bought cleaning products, there are several advantages to hiring professional carpet cleaning services.

First, Carpet cleaning professionals are trained to handle various types of carpets and stains effectively. They have the knowledge and experience to choose the right cleaning method for your specific needs.

Next, professional carpet cleaning companies also use commercial-grade equipment that is more powerful and efficient than rental machines. That can lead to more thorough and effective cleanups.

Finally, professional carpet cleaning doesn’t involve any physical effort from the consumer. So, if you’re running out of time and need a quick and effective carpet cleaning solution- professional services are the way to go.


Now that you know all about the cost of carpet cleaning, make the right decision and choose the best carpet cleaning services. Because we also discussed carpet cleaning methods, you will probably have an easier time selecting the best fit!

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